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My award winning journey

Two years ago I won my first international award with one of my most favorite pictures, the marine! First, I was afraid to submit my pictures because the competition is huge! But after I won my first award, I wanted more! In the last 2 years,

I won:

  • 2 Master awards

  • 11 international Wedisson awards

  • Zankyou shiva award

  • 1 honorable moment at Fearless.

My goal next year is to win my first Fearless award & my first Bruidsfotografie Award (Wedding Photography Award). It challenges to be critical about at my photography and go the extra mile.

The other side of winning awards is that my brother Dennis is asking me if I am the only one who is sending pictures to the Wedisson award competition. ;)

If you are interested in seeing my other awards click here.


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