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Trash the dress Sardinia

Last May I captured the beautiful sunny wedding of Roel & Christa at Huis ter Werve in Rijswijk. They planned their Honeymoon in Sardinia, a gorgeous island in Italy and I traveled there to take the trash the dress pictures. Not only are they a lovely couple, but also they have a little boy Hugo who loved the camera. Together with my boyfriend Hendrik ( also known as Henk) we booked a small vacation to Sardinia so we could enjoy pizza, good wines and check out the beautiful beaches but also to do the trash the dress shoot together for Roel & Christa. Henk made some behind the scenes pictures and played with Hugo. I just couldn’t get enough of taking pictures of this perfect couple in Italy!

Are you going on a honeymoon? Would you love to put on your dress one more time????? I would love to come to visit you wherever you are to take those great shots! And no, trash the dress does not mean your dress has to get wet. The idea is to be able to enjoy your wedding dress one more time without worries. This can be during your honeymoon or a different location that is special to you.

I have plenty ideas... reach out to me if you'd like to brainstorm.


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